NEW BEATS - 4/24
  1. Crown
  2. Fall Down
    Fall Down
  3. I Feel Like
    I Feel Like
  4. Soul Waves
    Soul Waves
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  1. Managing Director
    MP3 File (16-bit) Distribute up to 2,500 Copies Use for non-profit events only 1 Music Video License to upload on YouTube , SoundCloud & AudioMack
  2. Managing Director
    MP3 + WAV (16-bit) Distribute up to 5,000 copies Use for non-profit & profit events 1 Music Video License to upload on Youtube, Soundcloud, AudioMack License for radio play & digital distribution (Includes Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer)
  3. Managing Director
    High Quality MP3 + WAV (44100) 100% Trackout Unlimited copies Unlimited use for non-profit & profit Unlimited distribution (Radio, TIDAL, Spotify, etc.) Unlimited Music Video FREE promotion for your track Track stems will be sent in 24-48 hours 20% off on your next purchase